What is the Party Patch?

The No Hangover Patch also known as the PARTY PATCH will dramatically reduce any and all side effects of drinking all night long and make your morning awesome with out the use of any other medicine. The No Hangover patch uses an FDA approved 3M patch that used patent Bio Energy Technology. In The World of Physical Energy and Life Science Bio-Energy Patches Are Revolutionizing The Health Treatment Industry!

No Hangover Patch

How does the No Hangover Patch Work?

The science is called Bio Energy Synthesis Technology (B.E.S.T.), which is a process of infusing bio energy signals that holds sub-harmonic frequencies into our proprietary alloy material. The proprietary material we use for our energetic patches are then bonded to a non-latex, FDA approved woven medical pad, manufactured by 3M Company. These patches are programmed with Bio Energy Synthesis Technology through our patented AFG, (Accelerator Frequency Generator).

Hangover Patch at least 45 minutes before consuming alcohol. Remove the patch from its packaging; hold the patch by the corner. Apply it to a dry and hairless area on your body. (Please note that when using the patch on a regular basis, apply it to different areas on the body.)

Example Uses of the No Hangover Patch.

Put on the party patch about an hour before you start to drink. Start with a couple of beers or glasses of wine. Then you can start hitting the hard alcohol all night long. Do not worry, the next morning you will wake up with ANY Headache what so ever. Remember to drink at least 16oz of water when wearing the patch.

When you wake up the next morning you will not need to drink or grab coffee at all. Please remember to drink at least 16oz of water the next day to help your body absorb and get rid of the alcohol but do not worry about any hang overs!

From actual customers: ”¬†We looked like hell, and it took several pots of coffee to rise from the dead. There was fatigue, but miraculously, there was no pain. No headache, no nausea, no haze. Could the real cure be the big glass of water we had before bed? Sure. But we were surprised at how easy it was to start the day.”